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Preserving Post-Divorce Relationships Among You And Your Children

The end of a marriage is disruptive to all members of a family. Children in particular feel the effects. While little can change the disruptions for them, child custody and visitation agreements can provide a certain amount of consistency in lives turned upside down. Quality time with nurturing, supportive and cooperative parents should continue when one household becomes two.

Unwavering Dedication In Protecting Your Custody And Visitation Rights

Custody comes in many forms. Physical custody is determined by the children's primary residence. Non-custodial parents are entitled to visitation equal to the amount of time that the custodial parents have the child or children in their custody. The noncustodial parents also pay child support.

Legal custody involves one or both parents making significant decisions in the lives of their children. Having joint legal custody encourages parents to put aside any residual personal disputes and look out for the best interests of the children. They should come first when it involves schooling, religion, medical care and other important issues.

The courts focus on the best interests of the children in custody matters. California divorce lawyer Brad Faber shares that approach and encourages his clients to do the same. Mediation can facilitate a more peaceful process. Parents working out issues outside the courtroom can shield children from bitter and highly personal disputes.

However, if a trial offers the best results for you, Brad Faber will litigate while continuing to focus on your children's well-being.

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