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A Focus On The Best Interests Of Your Children

In any area of divorce that affects children, the founder of Brad Faber Law focuses on their rights and best interests. The emotional impact of divorce affects more than the parents' peace of mind. The lives of sons and daughters have changed as they face equally uncertain futures.

Navigating California Residents Through Complex Child Support Processes

Child support covers the basic needs of the child in addition to other living expenses. Strict statutes dictate the amount based on the parent's respective incomes and percentage of time spent with them through custody or visitation. Noncustodial parents pay an amount based on those calculations. Yet, while strict formulas exist, clients come to Brad Faber disputing child support payments, whether they are paying or receiving.

Child support calculations are complicated when one spouse is self-employed or owns a business. A more in-depth approach is necessary with the help of forensic accountants and other experts. Simply stated, Palm Desert child support lawyer Brad Faber gets to the facts to ensure a more stable future for children of divorce.

Children of divorce have rights. Even though some adjustments are natural, they are entitled to similar lifestyles they enjoyed while their parents were married.

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